Real Men Feel: Ep. 248, Men Supporting Men

July 20, 2021

Men Supporting Men Episode 248, July 20, 2021

Brett Churnin is an Australian dad, husband, and passionate champion of men’s well-being and the potential for men to support each other in a safe and constructive space. He started his first Men’s Group in 2005, a group that still runs today and inspired him to create the free Men’s Group Field Guide in 2011. We talk about the power of being witnessed, the benefits of authentically sharing, and ways for you to get involved today!

“Men’s groups are an amazing forum and vehicle to train us in how to communicate with others.” ~ Brett Churnin

Loneliness, addiction, and a lack of purpose plague today’s men. Brett Churnin recognized the underlying issue as a lack of connection and now leads men into authentic, open, and supportive brotherhood. It’s extremely difficult to see our lives objectively, which is where a men’s group can be a total game changer. By sharing our dark thoughts, big victories, and everything in between, we allow ourselves to be seen and able to receive precious reflections. Brett’s extensive experience in this field shines through, as he beautifully articulates the wonders that men’s groups can have on the path to empowerment and healing.

The lone wolf mentality poses a significant obstacle to men. They might appear to have tons of male friends, but are these relationships truly authentic and supportive? Deeply trusting another man to witness you in your pain is a massively edgy and vulnerable experience, especially if you are new to this space. Once you overcome the programmed distrust of the masculine and the discomfort, an entirely new dimension of aliveness and openness emerges. Brett’s understanding of these dynamics is superb, and hopefully his inspiring words encourage you to find or start a men’s group!

Highlights and Topics:

  • (1:01) Why did Brett create his first Men’s Group?
  • (8:30) What are the challenges when creating spaces for men?
  • (12:30) What is the biggest thing that men need and aren’t getting?
  • (16:45) Why didn’t Brett trust the masculine and other men? 
  • (20:10) How does beginning with meditation impact his men’s meetings?
  • (26:12) What unique medicine can men offer other men?
  • (31:15) What are the top issues plaguing men today?
  • (36:20) How men’s groups can inspire men to authentically share and learn how to give support.
  • (41:20) Why Brett’s “Men’s Group Field Guide” is an instrumental roadmap for starting a men’s group.

Grab the Real Men Feel Guide to Friendship for a list of places you can meet more male friends and get on the Real Men Feel weekly newsletter.

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“The experience of being witnessed, whether it’s my triumphs or my challenges, by other men is such a powerful experience.” ~ Brett Churnin

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