Real Men Feel: Ep. 247, Challenging Masculine Stereotypes

July 13, 2021

Challenging Masculine Stereotypes Episode 247, July 13, 2021

Adam Hommey is a speaker, author, consultant and podcaster who helps people grow their businesses at the junction of brilliance and passions. He joins us to discuss how to find your own empowering version of manhood, why challenging questions are the antidote to conflict, and how a willingness to be wrong leads to growth.

“A man recognizes the reality of the situation and finds a way to powerfully move through it.” ~ Adam Hommey

There’s no wrong way to be a man. Living our life by someone else’s standards is a recipe for unfulfillment and bitterness. Our guest Adam Hommey inspires others to take action on their passions and follow a self-directed path. Our conversation is centered around dispelling the great number of faulty beliefs about masculinity and inviting men to create their OWN definitions of manhood. Toxic myths are programmed into us at a young age and are constantly reinforced, making compelling conversations like these necessary for sovereign existence. 

Confronting fear with courage and authenticity is a massively important skill to cultivate. Adam’s fear of needles has been the training grounds for him to heroically address fear itself. He shares his top strategies for handling anxiety and conflict, as both are unavoidable facets of life. The book “FDR: A Biography” was a transformational read for Adam, and he offers some presidential wisdom from history that anyone can apply. Overall this episode is a testament to the masculine power of self-autonomy as Adam and Andy offer a roadmap to living life on your own terms.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (4:01) How does Adam proactively deal with fear?
  • (7:03) Why finding your own authentic definition of manhood is beneficial.
  • (10:01) How does physiology relate to our degree of introversion or extroversion?
  • (14:00) Do universal truths exist?
  • (19:20) How does Adam use challenging questions to move through conflict? 
  • (23:05) Why a man is secure enough in who he is to be able to listen to other views.
  • (27:15) Why a willingness to be wrong is a part of growth and mastery.
  • (29:57) How the book “FDR: A Biography” changed Adam’s life and why he recommends it.
  • (34:20) Why more men sharing their struggles and pain will positively impact the world.

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“I can have this conversation without feeling the need to be right or wrong.” ~ Adam Hommey

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