Real Men Feel: Ep. 246, The Impact of a Sociopath

July 6, 2021

The Impact of a Sociopath Episode 246, July 6, 2021

Mike Shereck returns to the show to share a story of forbidden love and sociopathic dysfunction. As an executive coach, speaker, and author, Mike holds potent wisdom for men seeking to understand women and find harmony with the feminine. We examine his long lasting relationship with a sociopath, share wisdom around love, and bust the victimhood narrative.

“Every mistake is recoverable, as long as you’ve got breath you’ve got a chance.” ~ Mike Shereck

No matter how painful or difficult our life circumstances are, there’s always room to take responsibility. As our guest Mike Shereck learned the hard way, leading with shame and victimhood is never conducive to growth. While in an on-again, off-again relationship with a sociopath, Mike let his sexual nature take the steering wheel. By looking in the mirror and taking full accountability for his actions, he was able to gain remarkable wisdom. From this wild experience and many years of coaching, he’s able to teach men how to lead with their hearts and embrace their shadows.

We explore the subconscious beliefs that attract men to unscrupulous women, and offer healthier alternative beliefs. Men often get caught in shame cycles, and form an addiction to the problematic activity. The importance of self honesty and self responsibility are highlighted throughout this episode, and are the hallmark characteristics of an embodied man. By offering both advice for men looking for a partner and those in dysfunctional relationships, Mike provides tremendous value to any man on the path of mastery.  

Highlights and Topics:

  • (3:04) How did Mike become aware that he was dating a sociopath?
  • (8:35) What was the breaking point in this chaotic relationship?
  • (13:20) The importance of holding up the mirror and claiming responsibility.
  • (16:35) How a distorted sense of love can ruin relationships.
  • (21:01) Why there’s a golden lesson even in life’s most ruinous moments.
  • (22:00) Why staying angry keeps you in victimhood.
  • (26:35) How can men learn and understand the meaning of love?
  • (29:50) What is Mike’s advice for men in the dating world?
  • (30:22) How self-forgiveness and humor can disrupt stale patterns.

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“Unless you look in the mirror and own yourself fully, you can’t do anything about it.” ~ Mike Shereck

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