Real Men Feel: Ep. 244, Breaking Addictive Cycles

June 22, 2021

Breaking Addictive Cycles Episode 244, June 22, 2021

Author, business owner, and podcast host, Justin Long, shares his roadmap for breaking free of unconscious behavioral patterns and addictions. We discuss the issues with modern masculinity, methods to help handle heavy emotions, and the key mindsets that will lead to sustainable fulfillment.

“I can embrace the fact that this sucks, because I know that I’m going to be better.” ~ Justin Long

Unraveling the multitude of destructive beliefs picked up from our formative years is no easy task. Thankfully we have men like Justin Long who are consciously transmuting their programming into a more service and love based way of being. Justin’s childhood was more turbulent than most, featuring disciplinarian parents enforcing strict religious rules. As an author and logophile, Justin’s ability to convey what he’s learned is inspirational and massively helpful to anyone seeking to break an addictive cycle.. 

A key part of Justin’s transformational journey was a shift into seeing everything as happening for his benefit. Pouting about the past serves no one, but taking intentional action in a new direction can be life-changing. We also explore how cultural norms affect developing men, and why it’s never too late to embody masculine virtues. Justin’s story proves that taking responsibility for our lives is needed for fulfillment, and that every man can make this choice.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (5:01) How did Justin overcome a dysfunctional youth and an alcohol problem?
  • (8:52) Why is intentional growth and self understanding central to success?
  • (14:10) Can we form a toxic relationship with healthy habits?
  • (20:01) Why did Justin purposely become more of an asshole?
  • (26:29) How to move beyond awareness and into action.
  • (32:05) Why do we judge ourselves so harshly?
  • (39:04) What message did the guides have for Justin during Andy’s Akashic Records reading?
  • (47:55) What are the most outdated masculine beliefs?
  • (49:40) Is there a key to personal happiness and fulfillment?

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“The more you know, the more you realize how much you don’t know.” ~ Justin Long

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Justin is the host of Straight from the Horse Doctor’s Mouth.

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