Real Men Feel: Ep. 243, Creating Sexual Intimacy

June 15, 2021

Creating Sexual Intimacy Episode 243, June 15, 2021

Speaker, author, podcaster, and coach, Leah Carey, joins us for an open exploration of sexuality, intimacy, and the questions men most often ask her about sex.

“I want men to understand what it takes to have a connected, fulfilling, and heartfelt sexual experience.” ~ Leah Carey

There is more to sex than orgasms. Intimate moments offer a rare opportunity for us to deeply connect with another soul and realize our infinite nature. Sexual repression runs rampant in our society, and our guest Leah Carey knows this feeling firsthand. From her own healing journey, she discovered the common wounds and faulty narratives that block fulfillment. She shares the insights and mindsets that liberated her from suppression and allowed her to experience true union. 

Our sexual issues frequently stem from childhood – whether it was a traumatic experience or an identity constantly reinforced by our parents. Leah teaches how men can overcome this programming and create a healthier relationship with sex. We are also treated to an Akashic Record reading from Andy, where he channels loving wisdom for Leah. Overall, this episode is a goldmine resource for anyone feeling a disconnect in their sex lives. 

Highlights and Topics:

  • (3:55) What are the issues with traditional sexual education programs?
  • (8:52) How does Leah define sexual intimacy? 
  • (12:50 How did Leah liberate herself from sexual repression?
  • (18:45) Why do we dismiss the people that love us the most?
  • (20:15) Do people turn their traumas and wounds into kinks?
  • (24:55) How does our childhood programming show up in the bedroom?
  • (29:15) What do men need to hear to create tighter, healthier relationships?
  • (34:30) How can the Akashic Records help Leah with pursuing material goals?
  • (40:45) Why achieving your purpose will also serve others.
  • (45:50) How can listening lead to greater connection and intimacy?

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“If you want to have a truly intimate, connected experience, start by being the giver.” ~ Leah Carey

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One comment on “Real Men Feel: Ep. 243, Creating Sexual Intimacy

  1. Kenneth Earl Jun 19, 2021

    This was an EXCELLENT show, Andy and Leah. Bravo!