Real Men Feel: Ep. 240, Orthorexia: When Trying To Be Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

May 25, 2021

Orthorexia: When Trying To Be Healthy Becomes Unhealthy Episode 240, May 25, 2021

Jason Wood is turning his own battle with orthorexia, anxiety, and OCD into a mission to raise awareness and confront the stigmas and stereotypes that exist around men and mental health.

“Instead of feeling insecure, I felt self-compassion and that’s when everything changed.” ~ Jason Wood

Seeking control and safety from food is an ultra-common coping mechanism among men. Thankfully, we have men like Jason Wood who have battled and beaten an eating disorder and can give us the road map to lasting wellness. What Jason learned about body image, mindfulness, and authenticity has completely transformed his life and has given him a passion for helping other men. Between writing a new book and launching the Strong Men Talk campaign, Jason’s insights into the minds and hearts of men are nothing short of inspirational. 

Eating disorders are not solely about diet. There is typically a childhood wound, misperception, or trauma underneath the habit that is running the show. Jason and Andy vulnerably share what drove their own conditions and detail their recoveries. Other vital questions answered in this episode include why there is no benefit to labeling emotions as positive or negative, how journaling can reveal hidden tendencies, and why the strongest man in the room is the one who shares the most deeply. Hearing another man share his wins and truths is always motivational, and Jason’s story is no exception. 

Highlights and Topics:

  • (3:10) How could eating healthy food possibly be a problem?
  • (4:45) Why Jason was literally killing himself to live longer.
  • (9:00) Why orthorexia often goes unnoticed and can even be mistakenly encouraged.
  • (11:14)  Is there a stigma around men having eating disorders?
  • (14:05) How Jason learned that “the way someone’s body looks is often how they’re defined.”
  • (17:50) What advice does Jason have for those struggling with food issues and body image?
  • (23:40) How using the book “Permission To Eat” by Libby Parker transformed Jason’s outlook on diet and wellbeing.
  • (24:30) How journaling and writing helped Jason recognize emotions and slow down decision-making.
  • (30:10) Why fully experiencing an emotion allows it to pass.
  • (33:11) How sharing his journey has empowered Jason to help others.
  • (36:17) What is Jason’s plan for rewriting social norms and abolishing stigmas?

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“The strongest man in the room is the one who’s open, honest, and vulnerable. It has nothing to do with weights.” ~ Jason Wood

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