Real Men Feel: Ep. 238, How Men Must Lead

May 11, 2021

How Men Must Lead Episode 238, May 11, 2021

Mike Shereck is an executive coach, speaker, and author of the upcoming book, “Manhood Manifesto: How Men Must Lead at Home, at Work, and In the Public Sphere”. We discuss the keys to authentic leadership, including why there is freedom in responsibility, how to utilize men’s natural competitiveness, and why enrollment is critical to success.

 “We’re all responsible for leading our own lives.” ~ Mike Shereck

The lack of healthy masculine role models has distorted society’s standards for leadership. Thanks to Mike Shereck’s extensive experience in business and coaching, he’s able to articulate the shifts men must make to change this narrative. It starts with taking full responsibility for our own lives and enacting changes for the sake of greater health and deeper service. We cover the basic principles of sound leadership, including self-awareness, responsibility, and enrollment. Mike reminds us that every man is a leader and our competence affects all aspects of our lives.

Wielding institutional power is not synonymous with being a leader. Rather, a leader is any person totally committed to a higher purpose while operating with integrity. When Mike’s fundamentals are put into practice, work becomes an energizing adventure rather than a draining have-to. In addition to the leadership discussion, we speak to the father wound present in most men and dispel the myth of binary masculinity. All in all, Mike’s heartfelt yet no nonsense approach has tremendous value for any man looking to take his leadership skills to the next level. 

Highlights and Topics:

  • (5:45) Why self-awareness is the key to making meaningful change.
  • (10:18) What is the father wound and why do men seek validation?
  • (12:30) Why are men so competitive with one another? Is it healthy?
  • (15:55) What is the difference between responsibility and obligation?
  • (18:45) Why the traditional top-down, hierarchical model of leadership must change.
  • (23:35) How does the absence of masculine expression affect young boys and men? 
  • (25:30) Do you learn more from failures or successes?
  • (28:22) If you aren’t having any fun in your current situation, then why are you there?
  • (32:10) Why work isn’t draining when it’s intimately tied to your purpose.
  • (37:55) What makes enrollment one of the most important leadership skills?

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“Competition means engagement, it means coming together and confronting something.” ~ Mike Shereck

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