Real Men Feel: Ep. 236, Your Sensitivity is a Gift

April 27, 2021

Your Sensitivity is a Gift Episode 236, April 27, 2021

Author, entrepreneur, and change manager, Thomas Anderson, joins us to share the benefits of vulnerability and sensitivity. These characteristics are often perceived as a weakness, but we bust that myth today. We also discuss why material possessions won’t lead to happiness, how fear reduces choice, and what emotional mastery looks like.

“If you allow life, you can actually feel emotion and nothing gets stuck within you.” ~ Thomas Anderson

One of the most severely misunderstood characteristics is sensitivity. In mainstream masculine culture, it is seen as a weakness, a hindrance, and something to overcome. That couldn’t be further from the truth, as you’ll learn in the episode. Thomas was deemed a Highly Sensitive Person, and has been exploring this aspect of his personality ever since. Once in a dark and desperate place, Thomas used his vulnerability to reclaim joy and freedom. He shares his journey while offering others a roadmap for healing.

One of the central benefits of empathy and sensitivity is the increased ability to care for others. Without feeling, we can’t sense our tribe’s needs, nor our own. At the end of the day, what’s more important than our capacity to serve others? Impeccable self-care is another vital aspect of service covered in this episode, as we can’t give from an empty cup. All in all, this heartfelt interview is sure to inspire greater emotional awareness and vulnerability.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (4:00) Why avoiding talking about the things that matter will lead to pain.
  • (5:13) How small steps and therapy transformed Thomas’s life.
  • (8:01) How did Thomas discover that he was a Highly Sensitive Person?
  • (15:42) Why putting yourself first is instrumental to helping others.
  • (17:35) What does being vulnerable mean to Thomas?
  • (24:05) Why is emotional mastery often misunderstood?
  • (28:24) What can happen when suppressed men finally allow emotion?
  • (32:20) How suicidality has impacted both Thomas and Andy, and how others can get help.
  • (40:23) Why is sensitivity a superpower?
  • (43:55) What books, habits, and practices does Thomas recommend?

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“When going through something rough, can you talk to your mates and friends about it?” ~ Thomas Anderson

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