Real Men Feel: Ep. 235, The 3 Pillars of Masculinity

April 20, 2021

The 3 Pillars of Masculinity Episode 235, April 20, 2021

Masculinity coach, marketing expert, and former Division I football player, Kyree Oliver, joins us to share his 3 pillars of masculinity. Kyree interviewed thousands of people from all walks of life, and delivers his findings with us today. He also reveals how he discovered his passion for service, why there is safety in authenticity, and how an unbalanced man can reach equilibrium.

“The success or failure of my story is only equal to the level of impact that it has on other people.” ~ Kyree Oliver

While there is no right way to harness masculinity, there are principles and pillars that are universal to every upstanding man.  A lack of safety from early male role models fueled Kyree to explore healthier models of masculinity. He shares his discoveries with us today, which include using vulnerability as a superpower, setting clear standards, and standing strong in the face of great distress. His natural curiosity about human behavior combined with his drive to serve makes for unique and helpful perspectives.

Kyree offers numerous stories from his life, demonstrating how we can use the 3 pillars to embody masculine excellence. Between being abused by teammates and judged by strangers for his size and race, he’s learned vital lessons on anger, self-image, and personal power. His intense story proves that we can all find healing. We talk about getting help, including how coaches can transform lives and why we shouldn’t put role models on pedestals. All in all, Kyree reminds us that only in balance can we realize the full power of the male psyche.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (2:05) What makes Kyree passionate about bringing masculine teachings to the world?
  • (5:25) Why the only definition of masculinity that matters is yours.
  • (14:55) What are the 3 pillars of masculinity?
  • (17:50) How interviewing thousands of people helped Kyree recognize his patterns.
  • (20:57) How did Kyree discover his passion for service?
  • (23:55) “Setting a standard for how you are going to be treated is huge” – Kyree Oliver.
  • (29:10) Why are authenticity and emotional honesty superpowers?
  • (30:05) How to make sure we don’t put our role models on a pedestal. 
  • (32:30) Is there one habit or practice that Kyree recommends?
  • (35:50) What does the sports community miss when it comes to education?
  • (37:00) How taking the third person omniscient view on our lives can be advantageous.

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“You can be vulnerable and still be safe.” ~ Kyree Oliver

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