Real Men Feel: Ep. 234, Release Stress & Welcome Flow

April 13, 2021

Release Stress & Welcome Flow Episode 234, April 13, 2021

Intuitive coach and author, Marla Williams, shares her method for preventing burnout. Stress and tension are slow, silent killers that destroy wellbeing if continually suppressed. Marla knows this pattern firsthand and offers transformative practices, mindsets, and an energy healing to assist us in ending our addiction to hyperactivity.

“The art of happiness is in the pause.” ~ Marla Williams

Marla Williams experienced extreme burnout and faced a choice: die an early death or radically alter her habits. Thanks to this momentous experience and years of training, Marla is now able to teach others how to move out of stress and into flow. Although society glorifies “the grind”, chronic fatigue plagues the modern man. We learn how to break the overstimulation addiction, listen to our body’s subtle messages, and tap into our intuition. Men have an especially tough time with this process, and we discuss why. She blesses the audience with an energy healing, designed to bring calmness and confidence into our lives.

If people go on vacations to take a pause from their daily lives, why not pause daily? Why not design a life that you don’t need a vacation from?  Behind stress and disease, lies a message inviting us into happiness. Having the courage to SLOW DOWN and listen is the tricky part, but becomes easier once you hear from others, like Marla and Andy, who have made the shift. Ultimately, hyperactivity is another way that men suppress their emotions. Throughout this episode, Marla delivers grounded wisdom nuggets, inviting us to see that abundance and flow are only one choice away.

Highlights and Topics:

  • (1:50) What’s the difference between stress and burnout?
  • (3:34) What does listening to our body actually mean?
  • (5:45) Examples of energy tools to help regulate our vital life force. 
  • (9:15) Can slowing down increase productivity and creativity? How?
  • (12:42) Can you pick up and store other people’s energies?
  • (17:53) How does shallow breathing contribute to tension?
  • (22:54) Marla shares an energy healing designed to call in confidence and calm.
  • (27:15) “Choosing to create new pictures in your mind just gives you the space for a better feeling life, and a more balanced state of your own energy and being.” – Andy Grant.
  • (29:36) What is the opposite of burnout?
  • (32:30) What is her Burnout Prevention Formula?
  • (38:02) Why learning to trust our emotions and intuition is uncomfortable yet fruitful.

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“Learn how to be really comfortable with yourself and happy in your life without anybody else in it.” ~ Marla Williams

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