Real Men Feel: Ep. 230, Regular Guy Chat with Sean

March 16, 2021

Regular Guy Chat with Sean Episode 230, March 16, 2021

Father of two, Sean, discusses finding himself after divorce and the benefits of the ManKind Project. He has made radical, life-altering shifts by utilizing intentional men’s work and shares his breakthroughs on transforming behavioral patterns and facing fear with an open heart.

“All the times I thought I gave up on myself, I actually hadn’t.” ~ Sean

I often have guests that become friends. This week I get to talk to someone who’s already a friend. Sean and I met at the ManKind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure weekend back in October 2016.

Sean discusses the challenges of identity post-divorce, being a dad, dating again, and the benefits of men’s work. There is tremendous value in the authentic sharing of a regular guy. Enjoy.

Highlights and Topics:

  • What was the most impactful part of Sean’s first men’s weekend intensive?
  • How to undo societal programming around sadness and anger.
  • Why locating the root of our behaviors is needed for transformation.
  • Do beliefs underneath drive our behavior?
  • Can watching other men win boost your motivation?
  • “The thing I see in you, I see in me.”
  • The power of an in-person transformational workshop.
  • Why many men live in fearful denial of fear itself.
  • “When you live in fear, you become reactive.” 
  • How men’s work enabled Sean to co-parent with integrity.
  • How to view feedback as helpful rather than as an attack.
  • What is Sean’s wish for all the men of the world?
  • “All the times I thought I gave up on myself, I actually hadn’t.” 
  • “What I often labeled as weakness was actually strength.” 
  • Why your relationships need attention and love in order to thrive.

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“When you live in fear, you become reactive.” ~ Sean

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Real Men Feel 230 Regular Guy Chat with Sean

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