Real Men Feel: Ep. 223, Everything You Never Learned About Sex

January 26, 2021

Everything You Never Learned About Sex Episode 223, January 26, 2021

Author, mentor, and speaker, Michael McPherson is on a mission to powerfully upgrade men and women’s relationship to sex, especially millennials. We explore topics of sex energy, sexual desire, masculine power, and sacred sexual union.

“Sex energy is something we are born with. It is primordial energy. It is an energy we are gifted to by our Creator. Sex is something different. Sex is as simple as all the right things going into all the right places.” ~ Michael McPherson

Michael shares his views on the difference between sex energy and sex. Sex energy is our creative life force. Anytime a man is creating or building something, he’s using his sex energy. You don’t have to be having sex to experience your sexual power.

This episode includes a frank discussion of first experiences with masturbation, sex education (or lack thereof), and turning to pornography. Michael is part of the first generation to have unlimited access to porn thanks to the internet, while Andy had to resort to finding porn in the woods.

In addition to masturbation, Michael and Andy discuss their experiences with ayahuasca. Listen in to explore how to enjoy sex as the spiritual and energetic experience it is. Michael stresses the importance of setting an intention before sex and even for masturbation. He also is remarkably open about sexual shame.

Highlights Include:

  • (1:26) What got you on this path of focusing on sex energy?
  • (2:56) How is sex energy different from sex itself?
  • (3:57) Is that feeling of sex energy distinct from emotions?
  • (4:21) Were your early sexual experiences healthy ones?
  • (6:31) Andy on his early masturbation experiences.
  • (7:59) Does porn have any place in healthy sex energy?
  • (9:15) What is using sex energy for bad?
  • (12:19) Was there one moment in your life that you realized this aspect of your energy?
  • (15:33) The urge to act on all sexual energy.
  • (17:16) What are some common things most men never learned about sex?
  • (22:09) What about men who see themselves as biological machines, driven by sex.
  • (23:47) What do you see as the purpose of sex?
  • (27:37) What do you mean by “how you do sex is how you do anything?”
  • (31:08) Does anything stand out as the most misunderstood aspect of sex?
  • (32:39) What goes into our conditioning around sex?
  • (33:37) How might a man explore or share his shame related to sex?
  • (35:51) Do you have any tips for maintaining a healthy, sacred relationship with sex?
  • (37:33) Tell me your Kakao Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate.
  • (39:47) What’s the best way for people to connect with you and learn more?

“I’ll never forget the first time I ever masturbated. I literally thought I had discovered magic. Oh my gosh!” ~ Michael McPherson

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