Real Men Feel: Ep. 221, Dudes, We Need to Play

January 12, 2021

Dudes, We Need to Play Episode 221, January 12, 2021

Positive Play Coach, Jeff Harry, joins us to share how play can help men tap back into their emotions and embrace both their masculine and feminine power. Too many men see play as silly and unproductive, but it’s just what they need.

“Play is feeling curious about what is possible. And also feeling hopeful. And tying this into the podcast, it is also allowing yourself to feel.” ~ Jeff Harry

2020 has been really rough for many people; wouldn’t it be great to get more fun in our lives? This week we explore how focusing on play brings more happiness than focusing on results. Happiness being around the corner due to your results is a myth. Ask yourself: What brings me joy? What do I find fun? What play do I want to bring to the world? Comparisons and expectations are the thieves of joy.

Too many people experience sadness and pain by being fixated on missed expectations instead of appreciating all their opportunities. Jeff shares his teen failings at being cool and then embracing being a nerd. Making a safe space for other nerds is pretty much what he does now. Today, he uses play to bridge having difficult conversations in the workplace. We grow up with so many messages saying don’t be too different, too noticed, too weird – too much of yourself.

Jeff offers a great, and of course fun, way to deal with your inner critic. It is an exercise I did many years ago with my first coach, Peter Beckwith.

A key to your success and happiness is being open to possibilities and following your curiosity. Playing and having fun isn’t selfish – it is selfless. You lit up and alive; living your curiosity and passion allows everyone else to do so too.

Highlights Include:

  • (0:56) What is play?
  • (4:26) The fun, joy, play index
  • (10:26) Have you always been this curious, joyful guy?
  • (12:08) What is a positive play coach?
  • (14:08) Is all play positive?
  • (15:39) Why do adults resist playing?
  • (21:07) Do you have a favorite way to tame the inner critic?
  • (26:17) The glory of being weird.
  • (29:50) In your work, do you see a difference between men and women in willingness to play?
  • (32:58) What are you looking forward to?

“If you look at someone truly joyful, truly fulfilled, they are happy in the moment. They can conjure up play in the moment.” ~ Jeff Harry

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Real Men Feel ep221 Dudes, We Need to Play with guest, Jeff Harry
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