Real Men Feel: Ep. 220, What Is Success for a Man?

January 5, 2021

What Is Success for a Man? Episode 220, January 5, 2021

Joseph DiRoma is a Newfield Certified Coach trained in ontology, somatic dispositions, and emotional intelligence, specializing in personal development and leadership. He’s bringing The Successful Male movement to the United States to awaken as many men as possible.

“It’s important for men to clearly define what success is for their life, not what society says, not what your third-grade teacher says, not your parents…” ~ Joseph DiRoma

Joe shares the need for each man to define what success means for their life and the trouble we can get into when we try to live someone else’s definition if it isn’t authentic to who we are. Asking yourself the critical questions about your values, passions, purpose, and making choices based on your answers. Your definition of success will most likely evolve, but you have to create one to start from.

This is an excellent conversation to kick-off 2021 as it explores the power and potential in admitting you don’t know what you are doing. The key to success is being willing to recognize when your life isn’t working and asking for help. So much of success comes down to us taking responsibility for our life. We must own our results, and if you don’t like them, take action to improve yourself, and new developments will follow.

Men need to be brave enough to ask for help. Joe explores responsibility, blame, courage, and the importance of coaches and mentors to get through the ceilings we all hit at some point. We also talk about the surprising gifts of 2020 and the potency and trappings of our minds. Once you allow yourself to become a man of character and integrity, you may notice the calling to help other people.

Highlights Include:

  • (1:33) What is The Successful Male?
  • (2:39) Is there one definition of success that fits all men?
  • (6:47) Have you always felt successful?
  • (10:14) What are some common things keeping men from their success?
  • (11:32) What Joe has been telling men the most.
  • (13:34) What is The Success Blueprint?
  • (18:18) What are the top issues that have a man reaching out?
  • (19:32) How did you learn what it means to be a man?
  • (23:46) Would you share a surprising gift that 2020 brought you?
  • (26:02) What is one thing you wish more men knew?
  • (34:18) What are you looking forward to?
  • (37:44) What’s the best way for people to connect with you?

“Maybe it’s my fault? Maybe the results in my life are because of me; not because of my parents, not because of my girlfriend, not because of the teachers, not because of the cops, they were because of me.” ~ Joseph DiRoma

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Real Men Feel ep 220 What Is Success for a Man? with guest, Joseph DiRoma
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