Real Men Feel: Ep. 218, Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

December 15, 2020

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater? Episode 218, December 15, 2020

40% of divorces report cheating as a primary reason for the relationship ending. How can you move on when the one person you love cheated on you with someone else? Is that even possible after the trust between you is broken? Marriage coach and author Mike Darcey says it is. Join us for an open discussion on infidelity and how to make your next relationship your best relationship.

“Relationships are the most complicated thing anybody ever gets involved with, and you learn it the hard way most of the time.” ~ Mike Darcey

Mike Darcey is on a mission to help millions of people find their soulmate and live as if it’s their 2nd honeymoon every single day. As an entrepreneur, coach, investor, parent, and volunteer, navigating the ups and downs of tough relationships throughout his own life has revealed the secrets that create long-lasting marriages, and he’s excited to share these secrets with you. He is the creator of Love Life Central, a passionate community where purpose-driven people learn life-changing secrets that make life great.

Mike’s books and coaching come out of his experiences. He describes his first marriage as terrible, and when it ended, he swore he’d never get married again. But meeting a wonderful woman changed his mind, and he vowed, I won’t do it the same way again.

In this episode, Mike delves into the many types of cheating, shares the most important lesson he’s learned from his relationships, and what we all need to know about marriage. Relationships full of love, adventure, and happiness are possible for us all.

Highlights Include:

  • (1:42) Where are you joining us from?
  • (2:38) Did you become a marriage coach because you were blessed with wonderful relationships all of your life?
  • (4:05) Do you find the most people vow to never do that again after a bad relationship?
  • (5:20) Do most couple discuss their definitions of trust, love, or marriage?
  • (6:18) What is cheating?
  • (7:18) Is there accurate data about men or women being the more active cheater?
  • (8:15) What are some of the lessons about relationships you wish people were taught?
  • (10:30) Do you see many people in a first relationship focusing on the other person?
  • (11:37) Is cheating always a deal-breaker?
  • (12:42) Three stages to infidelity.
  • (14:00) People often think, once a cheater, always a cheater. Is that accurate?
  • (15:23) How did cheating impact your marriage?
  • (16:38) how should people learn about relationships?
  • (20:45) What are some common mistakes people make in marriages or long-term relationships?
  • (27:54) Was it a relief to have an outside expert say, this isn’t going to work?
  • (30:39) What’s been the greatest lesson from your relationships?
  • (33:04) Is there anything you wish more men knew about women?
  • (34:50) Anything you wish more people knew about marriage?
  • (37:11) Any practices or actions that you recommend to bring some fun into a stagnant relationship?
  • (39:50)Tell me about Love Life Central.
  • (43:04) Do you have a free gift for our listeners?
  • (44:04) What’s the best way for people to connect with you?

“The problem is that nobody gets taught how to be in a relationship as a kid. People think it is instinctual, but it’s not.” ~ Mike Darcey

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Real Men Feel 218 Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater? with guest, Mike Darcey

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