Real Men Feel: Ep. 215, Is There A Place For Emotions In Business?

December 1, 2020

Is There A Place For Emotions In Business? Episode 215, December 1, 2020

Online video storyteller, Ian Garlic, encourages businesses to be emotionally attached to their customers. He is a personal development veteran and loves bringing his emotional side to his work and using the power of stories. 

“If you have videos of people that you’ve helped telling their stories, they carry you through those tough days. That can keep you inspired.” ~ Ian Garlic

Ian is a storyteller, videographer, coach, podcaster, and more. In this episode, he shares what he considers to be one of the most crucial business skills. He also expands on the importance of emotions, empathy, and connection in your marketing.

Any business is about adding value and there cannot be value without emotion. Being emotionally attached to your customers allows you to attract and work with people you like, care about, and leave you fulfilled, instead of people that drain you.

Ian shares multiple tips for mindset, marketing, connecting with ideal customers, and much more. Plus, the importance and power of using stories in your business. We think in stories, and we remember stories because they evoke emotion and feeling. Every time you buy something, you are buying a story.

Highlights Include:

  • (1:57) Have you always been skilled in getting people to relax and share their stories?
  • (2:48) You’ve done a lot of video work with leaders in personal development – were you active in personal development before working in the field?
  • (4:13) How can storytelling impact a business?
  • (7:40) Taking psychological ownership of tasks
  • (9:04) Responsibility doesn’t mean blame.
  • (9:46) How is the pandemic affecting your business?
  • (13:49) What is marketing?
  • (16:42) How do you define the Curse of the Expert?
  • (20:18) Perfectionism
  • (23:03) Is there a current buzzy marketing time-wasting activity you see people flocking to?
  • (24:39) Can there be value without emotion?
  • (25:32) What does work well in marketing for an online entrepreneur?
  • (33:30) How important is mindset in business?
  • (36:03) Is there an aspect of working with people you like most?
  • (36:58) Tell me about the Garlic Marketing Show?
  • (38:12) What’s the best way to learn more about you?

“To me, marketing is just portraying the value of taking an action.” ~ Ian Garlic

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Real Men Feel 215, Emotions in Business with guest, Ian Garlic

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