Real Men Feel: Ep. 213, International Men’s Day

November 19, 2020

International Men’s Day Episode 213, November 19, 2020

Dannie Snyder is an interdisciplinary artivist (artist + activist), educator, and a world traveler. She joins us to discuss International Men’s Day as an opportunity for feminists to engage in positive dialogue with men on the “crisis of masculinity.”

“If feminists aren’t listening to the men who are expressing the ways that they also struggle with stereotypes, with gender roles, the silence that they face around mental health issues, and suicide — if we don’t listen to them how are we going to expect them to listen to us?” ~ Dannie Snyder

Listen in to discover how the song “Short Dick Man” made Dannie want to do something for men and triggered an interest in International Men’s Day. She reached out to Andy to have Real Men Feel be part of her campaign.

We discuss whether terms like feminist are useful any more and the sort of reactions men have to that. Is womanist, humanist any better? Dannie’s goal is to create a dialogue between feminists and men. “It’s not about domination; it’s just about hearing the other side.”

Highlights Include:

  • (1:09) Why do you know and care about International Men’s Day?
  • (5:46) Andy’s first reaction to Dannie reaching out
  • (6:07)What’s been the reaction to your campaign?
  • (7:08) What’s your definition of feminism?
  • (8:01) How men define feminism
  • (12:57) – Moving past seeking blame.
  • (15:19) What is the objective of International Men’s Day?
  • (17:15) Any definition is boxing us in.
  • (19:00) In praise of The Rock.
  • (20:00) What’s the goal of your campaign?

“There seems to be a lot of silence around gender discrimination towards men.” ~ Dannie Snyder

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Real Men Feel 213 - International Men's Day with guest Dannie Snyder

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