Real Men Feel: Ep. 211, The Global Community of Evryman

November 10, 2020

The Global Community of Evryman Episode 211, November 10, 2020

Owen Marcus, a co-founder of Evryman, joins us to discuss how men can create a happier, more connected world by using emotions and physiology as tools to create fulfilling relationships and purposeful lives.

“Secure connection downregulates the stress response. Insecure or negative relationships will escalate it.” ~ Owen Marcus

For over 40 years, Owen Marcus has explored and developed programs that bring together mindfulness, somatic psychotherapy, and the science of emotional physiology. Much of that work shows up in the meetings, events, and training of

We discuss the stress response, trauma, PTSD, and the components of emotional physiology. Many guys aren’t used to feeling their emotions, so feeling their body, being aware of physical sensations, is used as a pathway to emotional expression. What was once only live events have transitioned to the virtual world during the pandemic. Men get more isolated as they grow older, and COVID-19 has only made that isolation worse.

Owen goes into detail about what puts us into a state of disconnection and the importance of secure connection and attachment. Men needing to feel safe in a group to connect authentically is valid in all relationships, from marriage to Navy SEALs. We someone is vulnerable, it makes others feel safe, and they can relax.

Highlights Include:

  • (2:01) How has COVID impacted Evryman?
  • (4:51) What are men telling you regarding how COVID is affecting them?
  • (6:40) What got you first involved with men’s work?
  • (7:56) Tell me more about emotional physiology?
  • (10:26) Are men mimicking their death too?
  • (11:57) What’s the predator for us that makes us shutdown?
  • (14:56) What instincts are men ignoring to not shake things off?
  • (16:18) What made you such a fan of Men’s Groups?
  • (20:30) What’s the mission behind the founding of Evryman?
  • (21:33) Did anything in your practices have to change going from in-person to virtual groups?
  • (22:09) What is it about being in a group that helps men?
  • (24:49) How did Everyman start?
  • (25:39) Do you expect to return to live in-person events?
  • (26:18) Tell me about the documentary, About Men.
  • (26:52) What sort of transformations have you seen in men?
  • (30:30) Is there any aspect of the training that you can share here?
  • (33:18) Tell me about your book, Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence 
  • (35:11) Does anyone grow up without trauma?
  • (44:42) What’s the best way to learn more about Evryman?

“Probably the biggest reason guys join a group, or Everyman, is in some way they are struggling in a relationship.” ~ Owen Marcus

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Watch the trailer for The Work, and The Compassion Prison Project: Childhood Trauma Behind Bars.

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Real Men Feel 211: The Global Community of Evryman with guest, Owen Marcus
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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