Real Men Feel: Ep. 209, The Alcoholic Brain

October 27, 2020

The Alcoholic Brain Episode 209, October 27, 2020

Robb Kelly, Ph.D., is a world-renowned addiction expert who believes in treating the problem, not the symptoms. He has overcome homelessness, alcohol dependency, trauma, and a whirlwind of events to be the “Gordon Ramsay” of the addiction treatment world.

“Where there is alcoholism, there is always childhood trauma. Always.” ~ Dr. Robb Kelly

It can be a tempting escape to reach for your drink or drug of choice, but that doesn’t improve or change your situation. Substances only distract you, at best, and can even worsen your condition. My guest today is an addiction expert who has worked with addicts and alcoholics for over 20 years.

Dr. Robb had his first drink at age 9, and the world was never the same. He went on to lose everything and face death because he couldn’t stop drinking. Robb was a very violent drunk, had long-term blackouts, and often woke up in jail. Even then, he didn’t think he had a problem.

Robb Kelly Recovery Group has a 97% success rate and offers a money-back guarantee if you relapse. Dr. Robb says there is money in treatment but not in recovery. You can’t treat addiction with a drug. There is a massive difference between an alcoholic and a drunk. It is all about whether you can make a choice to drink or not.

We discuss the power of words, the lack of words, and the importance of speaking up and sharing, spirituality, being of service, and using fear. I ask Dr. Robb one question that made him stop and realize nobody had ever asked him that in 15 years of doing interviews. That is a hosting win!

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Highlights Include:

  • (1:51) You were a professional musician. Did the cliche of sex, drugs, and rock and roll get you?
  • (2:49) Are some people born addicts?
  • (5:57) Is this foundation of the myth of the tortured artist? 
  • (7:07) Does being called the Gordon Ramsay of addiction treatment mean your centers have great food or that you swear at everybody?
  • (10:27) Is relapse an unavoidable part of the journey for an addict?
  • (13:05) Is social drinking possible?
  • (14:50) Did you make many attempts to get sober?
  • (16:26) Can being a highly-functioning alcoholic prolong the problem?
  • (18:54) How has the global pandemic affected substance abuse?
  • (21:12) Do people need to hit rock bottom to get better?
  • (28:05) Are there people who grow up trauma-free?
  • (33:00) What finally got you to shift?
  • (34:37) What are the common mistakes people make in their addiction treatment?
  • (38:43) Is spirituality a big part of recovery?
  • (40:47) Using fear to motivate you.
  • (42:04) What do you do differently from most treatment centers?
  • (44:35) What works well for long-lasting recovery?
  • (49:54 )Do you worry about passing on the alcoholic brain to your children and grandchildren?
  • (53:22) Are there any laws or social policies that need to change to help more people recover and reclaim their lives?
  • (55:22) Can a brain be so damaged by alcohol that it can’t heal?
  • (56:34) Tell me about your book, Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking.

“Alcoholism is the only self-diagnosed illness in the world.” ~ Dr. Robb Kelly

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Real Men Feel 209 - The Alcoholic Brain with guest, Dr. Robb Kelly
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