Real Men Feel: Ep. 193, Laid Bare with Enton Barefoot

June 23, 2020

Laid Bare Episode 193, June 23, 2020

Enton Barefoot shares his inspiring story out of homelessness and addiction to show that something decent can come out of the depths of depravity. You can always start from now and make a brand new ending.

“All these insecurities were still there, and the more alcohol I drank, the more they got taken away, and pushed down. I wanted that feeling all the time.” ~ Enton Barefoot

Enton Barefoot nearly drank his life away until one day, living on the streets, he decided; enough. He had one goal – don’t drink that day. Taking that momentum into the next day, he has done so for 13 years. Enton had no idea what alcohol had been doing to his body over the years and struggled greatly to ever admit that he had a problem. Reading the stories of others helped his recovery and he decided to return the favor by sharing his story.

Russel Brand on Laid Bare. “What an astonishing story of the power of recovery in people’s lives. Enton’s life can serve as an emblem of hope. Change and salvation are always possible.”

We go on to discuss the power of music, wanting to be a rock star and the glamorization of drinking yourself to death. Too many men aren’t willing to face their painful feelings and insecurities. They attempt to bury them with drugs and drink. Enton is here to remind us all, that it is never too late to start writing a new story for yourself.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:06) What a unique name you have.
  • (2:28) Laid Bare is your autobiography, what prompted you to want to share your story?
  • (5:19) Were you in recovery when you were homeless and started writing?
  • (6:38) So your rock bottom was hitting the streets, and you just decided; enough?
  • (8:28) Were you aware of the chaos in the moment or only in hindsight?
  • (9:26) How old were you when you started to use?
  • (11:43) Was there a resistance to feel the pain you’d buried?
  • (14:15) Was it a conscious decision to self-medicate and avoid your feelings?
  • (17:29 )What was the descent from functioning alcoholic to being on the streets?
  • (22:32) Could anything have gotten you to stop drinking earlier than you did?
  • (29:10) The power and influence of music. Wanting to be a rock star.
  • (33:09) Was your drinking a long-term suicide attempt?
  • (38:41) How old were you when you ended up homeless?
  • (43:44) What helped you the most?
  • (46:35) What is one thing you wish more men knew?
  • (48:17) What are you looking forward to?
  • (54:31) What the best way to discover more about you?

“I was able to save my life because of two things. One, I asked for help. Two, I wanted to receive that help.” ~ Enton Barefoot

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Real Men Feel: Laid Bare with Enton Barefoot

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