Real Men Feel: Ep. 192, Life After COVID-19

June 16, 2020

Life After COVID-19 Episode 192, June 16, 2020

My returning guest is a psychotherapist and author of 16 books who’s been helping men, and the women who love them, for over 40 years, Jed Diamond. We discuss the big lessons of COVID-19 for all of us.

“A virus is reminding us that we are all connected and we are all vulnerable. We really are all in this together.” ~ Jed Diamond

The grief and sadness of the world was really hitting me the day of my conversation with Jed, and our discussion was just what I needed.

Jed shares his views on this unique time in history when something is impacting the world at the same time. Bringing fears of death, uncertainty, economic ruin, social unrest, and nonstop information on how it is impacting everyone. Part of the healing for all of that is sharing with others how we are feeling.

We go on to an in-depth discussion of civilization, visions of the end, and the choices between the dominator culture that got us here and the partnership culture that is our best future. We are completely out of balance with nature, each other, and ourselves. Humans have ignored the wake-up call too many times, and this may be our final one.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (0:34) How’s Andy feeling?
  • (1:53) What do you see as the big lessons for us all in COVID-19?
  • (6:20) On top of the pandemic, the murder of George Floyd.
  • (13:55) Visions of crumbling civilizations.
  • (18:28) What does it mean to get off the ship of civilization?
  • (20:30) Did you think your vision was saying civilization is sinking now, 1993, or was it about the future?
  • (24:40) Does resisting change make it more difficult?
  • (29:35) We’ve been hitting snooze on the wake-up calls.
  • (34:35) The connection revolution.
  • (37:36) Is the end of civilization the end of humanity?
  • (41:58) Are we also in the midst of a mental health pandemic?
  • (46:52) What’s leading to the increasing male suicide rates?
  • (49:15) It sounds like you still have faith in us, while my faith has been kicked in the nuts.
  • (53:21) Any recommendations to better navigate the sinking ship we are on?
  • (59:14) What’s the best way to connect with you?
  • (1:00:19) Is the role of men different in this post-COVID world?

“Humans are out of balance with the natural world. We are getting a wake-up call.” ~ Jed Diamond

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Books mentioned – Riane Eisler’s The Chalice and The Blade: Our History, Our Future.

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Real Men Feel 192: Life After COVID-19 with guest, Jed Diamond

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