Real Men Feel: Ep. 191, Finding Your Path

June 9, 2020

Finding Your Path Episode 191, June 9, 2020

Soul Guide, author, healer, and podcaster, Kerri Hummingbird, joins us to discuss the urgency of taking the inner journey to uncover your purpose and learning to trust in your divinity. Kerri is the best-selling author of “The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama” and “Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love” which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening. She is the Founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement and Host of the Soul Nectar Show

“I was open to any modality, any way, any path, any thing that would bring me to a new place.” ~ Kerri Hummingbird

This is truly a boundaryless conversation. We discuss our challenges with the western medical model, being labeled, thinking you need to be fixed, and the illusion of self-help. When Kerri changed tracks and got on a spiritual path, things began to change rapidly.

Kerri moved from “being bad” to being willing to try new things and quickly went from yoga to spiritual healings, and being amazed by energy work. Along the way was a series of realizations as she broke through her own conditioning, dropped being a victim, and took control of her energy and life. You can realize you are your problem, but also that nothing’s wrong with you. The problem is your thinking and how you see yourself. You can embrace your divinity and the many paradoxes that are part of life.

Kerri expands on denial being the key for people hurting each other, the meaning of the Second Wave, and the great awaking we are part of to bring our divinity and physicality into harmony.
Kerri shares insights channeled through her guide, White Eagle, about why we are here at this time and the urgency of this moment. Are you witnessing with love or judgment?

White Eagle shows up and shares during the show, and then a new guide makes her appearance as well. You can see and feel the energy shift with each guide. Fascinating!

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (2:21) What got you first interested in personal growth and development?
  • (4:48) Being labeled and seeing yourself as a terrible human being.
  • (7:44) Were you always open to the help being offered?
  • (9:24) Medicating our uncomfortable emotions away.
  • (15:27) Realizing you are the problem.
  • (19:24) Experiencing energy work.
  • (24:58) Is there one best modality that’s best, or is it different for each person?
  • (27:58) What is the human drama?
  • (31:25) How can people hurt each other so much?
  • (33:59) What is the 2nd wave?
  • (36:56) Are we all part of the 2nd wave?
  • (38:36) What is the urgency?
  • (42:02) What do you mean by “old soul”?
  • (43:55) Tell us about White Eagle?
  • (50:33) Another guide, White Buffalo Calf Woman comes in.
  • (52:00) Utilizing divine masculinity and divine femininity.
  • (57:20) Men being willing to be in their hearts, and the backlash.
  • (1:01:53) What is the tipping point for the great awakening?
  • (1:06:21) Does the human experience exist so that we take the spiritual journey?
  • (1:09:52) Coronavirus as an opportunity.
  • (1:14:17) How did channeling start for you?
  • (1:17:28) Did you enjoy your journey in the early years?

“It’s me doing me in a way that’s not serving me, that’s the issue.” ~ Kerri Hummingbird

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Real Men Feel 191: Finding Your Path with guest, Kerri Hummingbird

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