Real Men Feel: Ep. 189, WTF!?

May 29, 2020

WTF!? Racism in America Episode 189, May 29, 2020

A mere 20 days ago we did an episode called Being Black in America. I knew that one conversation wasn’t enough, but I had no clue the country would blow up the way it has since then. I feel like my faith in humanity has been kicked in the nuts.

I mourn what I thought this country was; a place of tolerance and togetherness. Maybe Americans have never been united and I’ve been operating under a naive lie of privilege.

“A riot is the language of the unheard.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Today I reached out to Blake Johnson, host of the Diary Of A Mad Black Man podcast for a conversation around what the fuck is going on. We touch on our experiences, the roots of racism, and what, if anything, can be done.

We all need to be able to open our hearts and minds, to have some curiosity, and be willing to talk to people who don’t look like us. Please follow Andy and Blake’s leads and have some uncomfortable conversations of your own.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (0:30) Where Andy’s at today
  • (2:04) Where Blake’s at today (note the audio isn’t great but gets cleaned up after a few minutes)
  • (5:40) The first time Blake realized there were evil people in this world.
  • (11:17) How we connected.
  • (13:05) Is this moment the same, or different?
  • (15:40) Who is “they” in your eyes?
  • (18:00) Has rioting and looting ever changed anything?
  • (20:50) The reaction to taking a knee in the NFL.
  • (22:55) Did things improve during the Obama years?
  • (26:16) Is racism rooted in fear?
  • (27:15) What was your experience outside of the US?
  • (31:40) What was so shocking about George Floyd’s death.
  • (33:00) The first time Blake was talked to about being black in America.
  • (34:52) Why is it still not changing?
  • (42:50) What’s the end goal? How does Black America know they’ve done something?
  • (51:30) Podcasts are getting a lot more real.
  • (52:15) Whites who still don’t see the problem.
  • (56:28) Dealing with suicidal thoughts.
  • (1:01:11) We are all in this together and most do want to connect and heal.
  • (1:02:49) Finding true peace within allows more balance.
  • (1:03:44) This is a world of choosing love or fear.

“Nah I’m not ok. I can’t even fathom anything on earth that will make it ok. The excruciating pain I feel throughout my body is unbearable yet flows ever so naturally like the blood in my veins.” ~ Blake Johnson

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WTF!? Racism in America
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