Real Men Feel: Ep. 188, Walking Through The Fire

May 26, 2020

Walking Through The Fire Episode 188, May 26, 2020

Hypnotherapist, coach & master firewalk instructor, Barry Collins, joins us to discuss how firewalking is not about firewalking. It is a metaphor for all the changes and challenges we face in life.

“Personal empowerment is about being okay with who you are and making a decision that’s right for you in any given moment.” ~ Barry Collins

Barry shares how firewalking can help people surpass perceived limitations, gain empowerment, and look at life in a new way. He also tells us how firewalking spread from India to the western world and into personal growth events in the US and UK.

Firewalking is NOT to be taken lightly or tried at home. Lots of training goes into leading these events and many lessons can be learned from participants at any point during the event. Barry has led over 3,000 people across the coals, and his instructors do 100 firewalks as part of their training.

We discuss the attraction and repulsion of fire, the importance of being able to not just listen to instructions, but follow them, the most impactful insights people have had, and how firewalking develops a form of resilience. Barry also shows us, if you watch the video, a cringe-inducing example of how we can choose our response to anything.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:32) Why would anyone want to do a firewalk?
  • (2:46) The two types of people attracted to this.
  • (4:30) The goal of firewalking.
  • (6:02) How did you get started?
  • (14:03) Were you a thrill seeker or growth seeker initially?
  • (17:03) What is it about fire that is attractive and fearful for humans?
  • (20:19) Do people do this more than once?
  • (22:38) Do people have insights from watching others do a firewalk?
  • (24:15) Is this dangerous?
  • (28:52) When during the event can insights take place?
  • (31:43) What sort of shifts have people made after a firewalk?
  • (33:46) Do you often hear from people after their firewalks?
  • (35:34) Do couples or families do this together?
  • (37:49) Do you ever get people who were brought along with no idea they would be doing a firewalk?
  • (42:41) Do people who decide not to do it ever return and take it on?
  • (44:02) What’s your favorite aspect of these events?
  • (46:51) Do you still get something from your own firewalks?
  • (49:44) Is there a minimum age to do this?
  • (52:46) Is there a most common lesson that get from a firewalk?
  • (55:07) Barry demonstrates how we can choose our response to anything.
  • (59:44) How has Covid19 affected your business?
  • (1:02:55) Best way to reach you and learn more?

“It’s not what you learn from the fire, it’s who you become.” ~ Tolly Burkan

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Real Men Feel: Walking Through The Fire with guest, Barry Collins

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