Real Men Feel: Ep. 186, Men Fully Owning Their Power

May 12, 2020

Men Fully Owning Their Power Episode 186, May 12, 2020

Artist and coach, Maeve Swan, joins us to discuss how men can own and best use their masculine energy to unleash the kings they were born to be.

“A man who is King has found his perfect balance and harmony between the three archetypes: Warrior, Lover, and Magician.” ~ Maeve Swan

Maeve shares the transformational power of art and all the synchronicities that lined up to have her focus on coaching men. We explore the masculine archetypes and what creates the King energy for any man. She also touches on the Siren and Muse archetypes for women. Plus, the importance of sexual mastery for being a king and how problems with a man’s mission and power can point to issues with sexuality.

We take a deep dive into the notion of the Alpha Male, exploring our experiences with that term and energy. Maeve discloses what she sees as the Alpha Male Paradox and her desire to bring out the true Alpha Male archetype more because every man can benefit from it. She believes it is vital to clear away the negative cultural perceptions of Alpha Male energy and let the pure essence be used in more unique and varied ways. Finally, we look at ways men leak their power and energy.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:30) What was the journey from dancer and artist to coaching men?
  • (3:08) How coaching for men came about.
  • (7:33) Have you always been intuitive?
  • (8:29) What does it mean, today, for man to be a king?
  • (9:50) Embodying the male archetypes creates your King.
  • (10:53) What are the three archetypes you see and work with?
  • (12:28) The King is the expression of the other three archetypes.
  • (12:47) Can each man be a king?
  • (13:21) Thoughts on initiations.
  • (15:02) What sort of things opens a man up to initiation to becoming a King?
  • (16:52) Do you work with men and women?
  • (18:41) Can you expand on how you capture men?
  • (21:39) Is this work in-person?
  • (23:25) Do some men think you are offering something more sexual than guidance?
  • (26:24) What does an Alpha Male mean to you?
  • (35:17) Do the men who come to you see themselves as an Alpha?
  • (36:46) What about men who think they are Alpha but aren’t?
  • (39:57) Is our mix of archetypes fluid over our life?
  • (44:01) What are some common ways a man leaks their power?
  • (49:40) How can people find you and learn more?

“Every man has the potential to become a king. Unfortunately, not all men willing to go to the length to develop what it takes.” ~ Maeve Swan

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Men Fully Owning Their Power with guest, Maeve Swan.

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