Real Men Feel: Ep. 183, Famous Faces Decoded

April 28, 2020

Famous Faces Decoded Episode 183 April 28, 2020

Speaker, author, and emotions expert, Dan Hill PhD, visits to discuss emotional intelligence, facial coding, and the emotions that men display more often than women. Facial coding is the ability to read other people’s emotions from their facial muscle activity.

“We are all emotional decision-makers. We all are bathed in our emotions. We have to navigate them, recognize them, and respect them.” ~ Dan Hill

Dan Hill, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert on the role of emotions in politics, business, sports, and popular culture, and has spoken to audiences in over 25 countries. To capture and quantify emotions, Dan pioneered the use of facial coding (the analysis of facial expressions) in market research starting in 1998, and his company, Sensory Logic, Inc., has done work for over half of the world’s top 100 consumer-oriented, B2C companies.

Dan shares that 95% of our mental activity is not fully conscious. Studies show that in ambiguous situations, 55% of the true information was conveyed through the face, 38% through the voice, and merely 7% through the words. So many people think listening is enough to get the necessary information, but it isn’t. Our faces tell a richer story.

Dan makes discussions of emotional intelligence (EQ) fun and engaging and his book Famous Faces Decoded teaches the skill by looking at celebrities. Darwin was the first scientist to take emotions seriously. He said if they didn’t matter to us, then they would have been weened out of us over the course of evolution. Emotions give us a chance to survive and thrive. 

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:43) What is EQ/emotional intelligence?
  • (2:53) What are emotions?
  • (4:20) Is emotional intelligence innately in us or is it learned over time?
  • (5:31) How did you first get into facial coding?
  • (7:19) Until that point, were you an openly emotional man?
  • (8:21) Is this different from body language?
  • (11:10) We need to stop stigmatizing anger as a problem for guys.
  • (11:48 )Can someone disguise their facial cues?
  • (13:11) Is facial coding analysis showing one moment, or does it give an overview of that person’s dominant emotions?
  • (14:29) How does facial coding get used in business?
  • (16:03) If I’m consciously deciphering what emotion someone is displaying, do I innately recognize and feel it?
  • (18:55) What about people who due to shyness, or being on the autism spectrum don’t look at people’s faces when they are talking, do they pick up cues in some way?
  • (21:44) A couple of male celebrities who showed a lot of fear in their faces.
  • (23:38) How does lying show up on the face?
  • (25:35) Are there emotions that men show more than women?
  • (32:48) Can you show multiple emotions across categories?
  • (34:22) What’s the most displayed emotion?
  • (35:55) Can people change their dominant emotions with healing?
  • (39:20) The angriest celebrity in his book – Eminem
  • (42:22) Famous Faces Decoded is quite beneficial for personal growth and interpersonal relationships.
  • (46:38) Is there a downside to software automating the reading of emotions in our faces?
  • (51:06) What is one thing you wish more men realized?
  • (54:22) Where can people learn more about you and what you are up to?
  • (56:35) Practicing facial coding during the pandemic.

“The 25 square inches of the most valuable visual territory on earth is around your eyes, nose, and mouth.” ~ Dan Hill

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Famous Faces Decoded with guest, Dan Hill

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