Real Men Feel: Ep. 182, The Proper Mindset to Succeed

April 24, 2020

The Proper Mindset to Succeed Episode 182 April 24, 2020

Coach, Colin Dingelstad, knows how to set goals and achieve them, but it comes from years of study plus trial and error. Now he shares his best strategies for creating the ideal mindset for success.

“If you still hate somebody, you don’t truly own your mind. You will always be a slave to the other person.” ~ Colin Dingelstad

In March, Colin traveled to Miami from the Netherlands in pursuit of one of his goals, training with professional MMA fighters, Now, the gym is closed, and he’s stuck in Miami. His goal was to get good enough to make a professional fighter have to pay attention to him.

Colin has the most wide-ranging, specific, and big goals as I’ve ever come across. He grew up in a culture where people began drinking as early as age 13, but he quickly realized he wanted more out of life than that road led too. 

He shares how one Facebook post launched his successful coaching career. And how constant failures helped create a database of what not to do, allowing him to help people even more. We talk mindset, hatred, and how forgiving someone is genuinely for your benefit, not the other person. Also, exploring what are you feeding your mind? external games, internal games, standards, expectations, and the importance of knowing your “why.”

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:26) How are you, really?
  • (2:31) Have you always set big goals and jumped right into action on them?
  • (5:19) Have you always been so interested in personal development?
  • (7:30) What did you want to become?
  • (8:56) Did you go straight into launching your own business?
  • (14:39) Are seeing the same issues troubling all types of people?
  • (18:09) Thinking you need to learn something new as opposed to letting go of something
  • (21:11) What helps people get more present?
  • (24:00) Is there an ideal mindset that is best for everyone?
  • (25:14) Is judgment were we get into trouble?
  • (30:03) Has happiness always come easily to you?
  • (33:47) Why did you want to keep improving yourself a secret?
  • (36:58) What is your favorite thing to do with clients?
  • (41:00) Do you encourage people to find their “Why” for business or their life overall?
  • (42:14) What are the common mistakes people make when setting goals?
  • (43:28) What are some techniques for limiting stress, especially at this very stressful time for everyone?
  • (49:52) Is being stuck in Miami having an impact on your business?
  • (52:50) How can you keep your mindset positive at times of fear?
  • (54:40) Can you share a habit, practice, program, or book that has helped you?
  • (56:40) How can people get in touch with you?

“Most people are not even living. They are just going through the motions… wake up, take chances, take risks!” ~ Colin Dingelstad

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The Proper Mindset to Succeed with guest, Colin Dinglestad

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