Real Men Feel: Ep. 180, Mindfulness & Yoga to Overcome Life’s Challenges

April 14, 2020

Mindfulness & Yoga to Overcome Life’s Challenges Episode 180 April 14, 2020

Author, Coach, and Marine Veteran, Rishi Eric Infanti, shares how practices of mindfulness and yoga have optimized his life and helped him overcome chronic illness.

“Awareness is the first foundational step; without that, you’ve got nowhere to go.” ~ Rishi Eric Infanti

Rishi shares his experiences growing up, becoming a Marine, and searching for answers to some of the big questions of life; Why am I here? What is my purpose?

After years of chronic illness, he discovered the Indian system of Ayurveda, yoga, and mindfulness. He began to heal, expand, and teach while continuing to learn and study. Rishi shares some simple steps to cultivate a practice of mindfulness in your daily life and encourages you to get on the mat.

Many people pay lots of many for retreats built on isolation and silence. Might this pandemic be allowing you to explore yourself deeper?

Update on Rishi: since we recorded our interview on March 20, he tested positive for coronavirus and was hospitalized. I’m thrilled to report that after a few frightening days, he is back home, and while still battling the virus, he is definitely on the mend.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:37) First, how are you?
  • (2:51) Were you involved with yoga before joining the military?
  • (3:59) What about growing up, any religious or spiritual practices?
  • (4:35) What were some of the big questions were you asking?
  • (5:06) Did searching for answers to such questions lead you to the military?
  • (6:47) It sounds like you were a very aware young man, is that true?
  • (8:26) What came after the Marines to move you forward on your path?
  • (11:23) What program opened your eyes so much?
  • (15:05) Do you now travel and teach yoga?
  • (15:36) Are more men getting involved in yoga?
  • (18:36) Are people surprised to find that you’re a former Marine?
  • (19:15) How does yoga help PTSD?
  • (21:52) Yoga teacher training isn’t just for someone who wants to teach yoga?
  • (23:50) Where does mindfulness come from?
  • (27:49) Has your preferred style of yoga changed over time?
  • (35:10) The lie of multitasking.
  • (37:05) What if you are stuck out home?
  • (41:49) What do men typically do with emotion?
  • (45:40) Was adding a dedicated yoga practice really what changed your health?
  • (47:42) The primary framework of Ayurveda.
  • (49:10) What do you wish more men knew about?
  • (51:42) What are you looking forward to?
  • (54:24) Can your work be done remotely?
  • (55:55) How can people reach you?

“Mindfulness can be defined as the intentional effort of paying direct attention to the now. And there’s no judgment.” ~ Rishi Eric Infanti

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Mindfulness & Yoga to Overcome Life's Challenges with Rishi Eric Infanti

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