Real Men Feel: Ep. 173, The Art of Persuasion On Yourself

March 10, 2020

The Art of Persuasion on Yourself Episode 173, March 10, 2020

Professional copywriter and expert on persuasion, Andrés Roaro, joins us to talk about the psychology of persuasion, especially how to persuade that most difficult person in your life – you.

“You cannot be happy by hurting other people.” ~ Andrés Roaro

Andrés shares how being bullied as a kid spurned his interest in psychology and personal growth because he wanted to be more popular. That long journey started with trying to meet girls and involvement with the pickup community, then on to attempts at making lots of money online.

Andres wanted to find something that was more aligned with his values and he started to apply what he knew about psychology to himself. He explored his own shadow; the insecurities, pains, and desires. Eventually, he discovered where true happiness is found.

Pain can be an excellent teacher when we don’t work so hard on suppressing it.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (2:48) What is copy?
  • (4:16) How did you get interested in copywriting?
  • (7:52) Are the same techniques behind crafting good copy behind the techniques of pickup groups?
  • (10:36) Has it really been fun?
  • (12:50) Were all these different pursuits needed to discover the path that made you happy?
  • (14:29) You thought spirituality was bullshit?
  • (16:10) Doing things you used to make fun of.
  • (16:32) Is psychology the basis for how copywriting is taught?
  • (18:27) Does being an expert in persuasion mean being an expert in multiple areas?
  • (19:42) His moral compass that rules over what sort of work he’ll take on.
  • (20:47) Was that something you learned the hard way, by first taking any job that came your way?
  • (24:11) Personal growth in the world of pickup.
  • (27:32) Skills vs innate worth.
  • (30:30) Is there one thing to share that helped you the most?
  • (41:50) Benefits and ease of meditation.
  • (44:30) Andrés’ dark story of his old roommate.
  • (48:07) Psychology of Nazis in WWII.
  • (50:13) Basic psychological needs that lead to people following along.
  • (52:42) How common among your friends is this interest in bettering yourself?
  • (57:42) What are you looking forward to?

“When you have faith that all the dots are connecting, the dots start connecting faster.” ~ Andrés Roaro

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The Art of Persuasion On Yourself with guest, Andrés Roaro

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