Real Men Feel: Ep. 172, Music, Masculinity, & Meaning

March 3, 2020

Music, Masculinity, & Meaning Episode 172, March 3, 2020

Award-Winning Music Producer and Spiritual Guide, Philipp Schardt, joins us to discuss the power of sound to heal and re-write our inner scripts to live an authentic and sacred masculinity. Philipp has worked with Multi-Platinum Artists from all around the globe – on stage and in the studio. He has written and produced songs that have reached Gold- and Platinum status, and taught in the most renowned music universities in Germany and festivals in Sweden.

“The ears are the gate to our soul while the eyes bring us out into the world away from our essence.” ~ Philipp Schardt

This is an interactive and experimental episode as Philipp demonstrates a variety of sounds and frequencies while grounding spirituality in science. Philipp empowers people to raise their vibration and life to a higher octave.

You will learn about brain waves, meditation, frequencies, the power in listening, the benefits of softening, and much more.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:22) Tell me about a new song you worked on regarding sacred masculinity.
  • (2:33) Have you always been into music with such depth and meaning?
  • (3:58) Have you been creating music from a young age?
  • (4:53) What about the more scientific aspect and studying frequencies?
  • (7:02) Were you raised with any sense of spirituality or religion?
  • (8:00) When did being a spiritual guide come into your life?
  • (9:30) Were these meditations you were creating on your own?
  • (11:55) Can sound/music be harmful to us?
  • (14:00) The different frequencies of our brain.
  • (20:01) Grounding spiritual things in science.
  • (21:40) Has anyone been filled with honest empowering scripts?
  • (23:00) Other people have frequencies that we respond to.
  • (24:32) Do some sounds awaken a more masculine response?
  • (26:35) Can your ear define the frequencies that you hear?
  • (27:35) Tuning of music today and in the classical era.
  • (30:00) Is that why classical music is so beneficial?
  • (35:19) Are you still producing popular music in addition to meditation soundtracks?
  • (37:35) Is there a habit, practice, or program that has helped you that you want to share?
  • (40:31) Is there anything you wish more men knew?
  • (43:06) What are you most looking forward to?

“We need to empty our minds more and listen.” ~ Philipp Schardt

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“Come As The Sun” by Sasha Siem
“Man in The Mirror” by Michael Jackson
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Music, Masculinity, & Meaning with Philipp Schardt

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