Real Men Feel: Ep. 168, Being A Strong Man

February 4, 2020

Being A Strong Man Episode 168, February 4, 2020

Men’s Health & Performance Coach and podcaster, Anthony Treas, joins us to talk about what it means to be a strong man and the importance of self-care. Taking care of yourself is vital for your happiness and fulfillment.

“A strong man is confident in themselves and can deal with life’s difficulties.” ~ Anthony Treas

Men need to place more importance on their own health; physically, mentally, and spiritually. For the sake of your happiness and fulfillment as well as for the people around you; family, employees, friends…

Anthony made it through a difficult childhood with an unhappy, rage-full father, resulting in a serious lack of self-esteem growing up. Today, he’s living the lifestyle he always dreamed of.

This is an important conversation around the lack of skills men are taught for their happiness and fulfillment. We explore the value of coaching and how it differs from therapy, as well as touching on US Military Veterans who choose to settle in other countries.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:51) What does a “strong man” mean to you?
  • (3:47) Selfishness gets a bad rap.
  • (5:33) Have you always seen yourself as a strong man?
  • (10:57) A parent’s goal of humiliation.
  • (15:46) Did the military help you overcome your lack of self-confidence?
  • (19:33) What led to you becoming a men’s coach?
  • (31:00) What does fulfillment mean to you?
  • (36:12) Do you think most men value there own fulfillment?
  • (44:23) Why do you think men are often so resistant to seeking help?
  • (47:06) Therapy compared to coaching.
  • (51:10) What are some of the most common struggles you see in men that come to you?
  • (58:56) Change in one person affecting relationships.
  • (01:01:16) Why did you settle in Colombia?
  • (01:04:17) Stereotypes of Colombia.
  • (01:07:19) Some US Vets don’t want to return to the US.

“I help men not to be like my father. Unfulfilled men lash out on other people, usually those closest to them.” ~ Anthony Treas

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Being a Strong Man with guest, Anthony Treas
Photo by Quaid Lagan on Unsplash

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