Real Men Feel: Ep. 167, Taking Personal Responsibility

January 28, 2020

Taking Personal Responsibility Episode 167, January 28, 2020

Author and speaker, Brad Richard, joins us to discuss co-dependency and lessons learned while living his autobiography, “Man at 50, a Journey of Crisis, Revelation and Survival!”

“You have to take responsibility for your current self and going all the way back to being a young child… Taking personal responsibility is the key to moving forward.” ~ Brad Richard

Brad shares his experience growing up in a mentally and sexually abusive home, with an emotionally distant father who mocked him whenever he saught attention or affection. This leads to decades of codependent relationships and questioning whether he was a man or not.

Follow one man through abuse, failed marriages and sexual identities, as he confronts dysfunction, judgment, and bad choices. A life of questions, fears, and uncertainty, leads him to a place of strength and a deeper understanding of life. Brad finally feels like a man, at 50.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:20) Why write your story?
  • (3:13) What did that phrase, Man at 50, mean to you?
  • (3:58) During your first 50 years, did you struggle with; “Am I a man or not?”
  • (6:29) With your nine siblings, was there someone to confide in?
  • (8:16) What was the age gap between you and your older siblings?
  • (9:02) Did your dad’s views on expressing affection change as he got older?
  • (11:55) Why use a pen name for your autobiography?
  • (14:18) How challenging was sharing your story?
  • (15:46) If the goal of the book was to help others, were the benefits for yourself a surprise?
  • (16:52) Have you heard any feedback from strangers?
  • (18:46) Were you aware of this inner child wound?
  • (21:17) How did your son react to your commitment to stay in that marriage for him?
  • (23:02) How’s the reaction been from family and friends?
  • (24:37) Was your experience in your home similar to your older siblings?
  • (26:28) While growing up, were you aware that you were being a follower and not taking responsibility?
  • (28:26) Who is Robert (Brad) the man vs Little Robert (Brad)?
  • (33:07) Prior to taking personal responsibility, were you a blamer?
  • (35:47) You can’t heal or change if not willing to take responsibility first.
  • (38:54) Do you truly believe you wasted fifty years?
  • (40:13) Can you share a habit, practice, program, or book that has helped you?
  • (42:20) What prompted you to finally take action?
  • (48:56) Anything else you want to get across from Man At 50?
  • (52:30) What’s your next book about?
  • (54:12) You have a podcast too?
  • (54:55) Win a free audiobook.

“My father was a very non-affectionate man…expressing any type of affection or love was absolutely taboo.” ~ Brad Richard

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Taking Personal Responsibility

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