Real Men Feel: Ep. 166, Real Men DO Feel!

January 21, 2020

Real Men DO Feel! Episode 166, January 21, 2020

Vince Bellitto is a high-performance Life, Business, and Recovery coach committed to bringing others into their full potential through the use of his unique methodology for rapid clearing of trauma, self-limiting beliefs, and ineffective communication patterns. He joins us to discuss cutting the cord from a life of crime and violence, and recognizing the value of feeling.

“Men who are authentic are in touch with their feelings and not covering things up, hiding things, and pretending.” ~Vince Bellitto

Vince shares with tremendous honesty and vulnerability his childhood of powerlessness, shame, and feelings that he wasn’t enough that had him turn mean. He got involved in gangs, violence, and crime. Drugs and alcohol plunged further into the darkness and at one point he was considering murder for a few thousand dollars.

This is one of the most openly and deeply spiritual conversations Real Men Feel has ever hosted.

A cocaine overdose and experience of his own Godliness turned his life around. He recognized his own immortal nature and began to pursue a life of service. I love this man.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:49) What Real Men Feel means to Vince
  • (3:39) Were you always open and willing to feel?
  • (5:06) How did seeing your abusive stepfather affect you?
  • (7:24) Is it only in hindsight that you see you weren’t good to people or were you aware of it at the time?
  • (8:56) Did you have goals during this dark period or were you just surviving?
  • (9:45) Was it more your own sense of being powerful, or was it having others fear you?
  • (10:30) What caused you to change your path?
  • (11:56) Did you wake up in a hospital with this realization?
  • (13:44) In that moment, did you just decide this is enough?
  • (16:10) Was any of your self-destructive behavior suicidal?
  • (17:39) Since then has it felt like borrowed time or a second chance?
  • (21:33) Was it harder to give up the drugs or harder to give up the people you spent so much time with?
  • (22:40) Were you raised with any religion or spirituality?
  • (27:35) The impact of inner, spiritual experiences.
  • (39:15) Being strong enough to be vulnerable.
  • (40:38) What’s the benefit or payoff from being yourself?
  • (47:58) Leaders being just a few steps ahead of you.
  • (49:44) The only constant in life.
  • (50:28) You do Life Coaching, Business Coaching and Recovery Coaching – do your clients often end up dealing with all three?
  • (52:02) What’s got you most fired up right now?
  • (58:33) What are you most proud of?

“Men are conditioned to not be emotionally sensitive or aware, or are told its a bad thing and reduces our masculinity. Our emotions are access to all the richness of ourselves.” ~ Vince Bellitto

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Real Men DO Feel with guest, Vince Bellitto

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