Real Men Feel: Ep. 157, What’s The Deal with Male Enhancement?

November 12, 2019

What’s The Deal with Male Enhancement? Episode 157, November 12, 2019

Author and coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, helps men in an area that they are often most uncomfortable seeking help; their penis. AJ is also the founder and lead coach at, where he specializes in helping men increase their sexual health, with programs for both the body and the mind.

“The penis does not function well with negative emotions.” ~ AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

Male enhancement is about a lot more than just penis size. The conversation touches on sexual performance, psychology, physical fitness, training, mindset, and porn addiction. Male enhancement is really about transcending limitations as opposed to some spam about magic pills or creams.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (2:22) What exactly is meant my male enhancement?
  • (3:53) You are coming from the perspective of a physical routine to enhance your penis?
  • (5:00) How did you end up in this line of work?
  • (7:17) Did you investigate all the supplements and products?
  • (9:12) Have you met men so upset about their penis size that they’ve been suicidal?
  • (12:02) A holistic approach to penis enlargement.
  • (14:00) Have you met any man happy with his penis size?
  • (15:21) Can someone be too big?
  • (16:30) Is there a predominant age when men are reaching out for support?
  • (18:26) The common complaint AJ hears from guys.
  • (22:24) Why do you think breast enhancement, lip enhancement, butt enhancement are talked about so much more openly than penis enhancement?
  • (24:15) How do overcome the snake oil reputation due to so much spam and scams?
  • (25:25) What are some common mistakes guys make regarding increasing their penis size?
  • (27:14) How does a male enhancement coach work with clients?
  • (29:57) Are there typical results for your clients?
  • (30:45) How quickly are gains seen?
  • (32:49) Are results permanent?
  • (34:16) Can you be too old or too young to take this on?
  • (35:03) What about gains aside from penis size? How else does this show up in men’s lives?
  • (36:48) Does an improved sex life contribute to happiness or a longer life?
  • (38:11) What do you cover in your book, The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement
  • (39:46) Can men make gains solely with the book?
  • (40:52) How have you changed in working with men for 20 years?
  • (42:22) What is one thing you wish more men knew?
  • (45:58) Is there anything you wish you had learned at a younger age?
  • (47:09) You say men can become multi-orgasmic – what’s up with that?
  • (51:11) Where can people learn more about you and male enhancement coaching?

“It really all comes down to the ego. If you approach this training only to appease your ego, you won’t get all you could out of it. This is about transcending limitations.” ~ AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

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Wha'ts The Deal with Male Enhancement

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