Real Men Feel: Ep. 156, Regular Guy Chat with Anthony Long

November 5, 2019

Regular Guy Chat with Anthony Episode 156, November 5, 2019

Meditation teacher, carpenter and regular guy, Anthony Long, shares his thoughts on growth, learning, resistance, living in the post #metoo world, masculinity, and his experiences studying Kabbalah.

“I’m acquiring the skills to help me unravel the mystery of myself.” ~ Anthony Long

Anthony shares about struggling, praying for help, and what showed up in response. He also opens up about the fear brought on by the #metoo movement, living in a post #metoo world, masculinity, energy, studying Kabbalah with the Modern Mystery School and much more.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (2:12) We met through the Modern Mystery School community in Boston, how did you get involved in that?
  • (6:02) Not attempting to come from a place of perfection.
  • (6:36) Why did you say yes to being on the show?
  • (8:00) What’s changed? Why can you speak up today?
  • (9:53) Having difficult conversations.
  • (10:40) Living in a post #MeToo world.
  • (12:10) Can you get more specific on what you see is different in the post #MeToo world?
  • (16:13) Being willing to know thyself.
  • (16:47) Hindsight and #MeToo.
  • (17:46) Victim mentality of some men.
  • (21:34) Doing the right thing vs. fixing something.
  • (25:15) Men matching each other’s energies.
  • (26:15) Studying Kabbalah.
  • (29:32) Energy techniques from being a doorman.
  • (35:19) How would you describe Kabbalah to someone who’s never heard of it?
  • (46:22) Kabbalah and the Modern Mystery School are all about energy and experience.
  • (49:24) Tesla talk.
  • (54:30) Dr. Theresa Bullard and Gaia TV.

“I’m a man who didn’t have a father who talked. I grew up without any masculine emotional process.” ~ Anthony Long

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Regular Guy Chat with Anthony

Photo courtesy Anthony Long.

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