Real Men Feel: Ep. 149, Men in Emotionally Abusive Relationships

September 24, 2019

Men in Emotionally Abusive Relationships Episode 149, September 24, 2019

Writer, researcher, speaker, entrepreneur, mother, and host of the One Broken Mom podcast, Ameé Quiriconi, returns to the show to discuss men in abusive relationships with female narcissists. Many men have been in emotionally abusive relationships but few speak of it.

“A string of really bad relationships is usually a good sign that you have an opportunity to do some healing and growth.” ~ Ameé Quiriconi

As host of the One Broken Mom podcast, Ameé Quiriconi has been surprised by how many men have reached out to her with THEIR experiences from being in an emotionally abusive relationship with female narcissists.

A narcissist is somebody who puts their own needs first and manipulates the people around them to satisfy those needs. They can be very toxic and problematic when they start to bend the rules of society and cultural norms through lying and abuse.

Admitting you’re an abuse victim or survivor is hard for anybody, but maybe it’s even harder for a man to say he’s being victimized by a woman due to all the stereotypes about how tough a man is supposed to be.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (1:24) Being in a relationship of emotional abuse.
  • (3:50) What is a narcissist?
  • (7:14) Andy’s experience with a female narcissist.
  • (7:41) Finding yourself in an emotionally abusive relationship doesn’t happen by accident.
  • (9:07) Andy spills his guts.
  • (12:20) One hallmark of an abusive relationship is getting you to question your own reality.
  • (15:30) The men who have reached out to Ameé.
  • (16:12) Women feel the same way men do in these relationships, but they have a better tendency to reach out.
  • (17:38) Recognizing you are in a narcissistic relationship and what to do about it.
  • (19:48) Codependency, shame, and upbringing.
  • (22:54) The autopilot function of our brain in relationships.
  • (24:00) A big red flag in a relationship.
  • (27:05) The narcissist senses and uses your wound.
  • (30:13) Mother wounds and father wounds.
  • (31:21) Men’s shame in admitting they are in a narcissistic relationship.
  • (33:41) Do people recognize a narcissistic relationship only in hindsight?
  • (35:22) You’ve labeled your partner as a narcissist, now what?
  • (38:36) Taking responsibility for where you are.
  • (39:43) What happens to the narcissist when you leave the relationship?
  • (41:48) If a man recognizes they are being lied to and manipulated, what can they do?
  • (48:50) What sort of upbringing leads to a narcissist?
  • (52:51) Narcissism is a spectrum.
  • (54:52) Best way to find One Broken Mom and Ameé.
  • (58:46) It can take a long time to admit a situation is abusive.

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“There are a lot of women that behave narcissistically in relationships and they can be just as toxic and damaging to their partner as a man would be with a woman.” ~ Ameé Quiriconi

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Men in Emotionally Abusive Relationships

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