Real Men Feel: Ep. 145, The Good Men Manifesto

August 27, 2019

The Good Men Manifesto Episode 145, August 27, 2019

Author and therapist, Jed Diamond, returns to the show to share what he’s learned from doing 70 years of men’s work. It is summed up in his Good Men Manifesto.

“Men can’t be fully alive to themselves, to the women they love, to their families and friends, unless they understand and embrace their maleness.” ~ Jed Diamond

Rooted in biology, evolutionary science, and research, The Good Men Manifesto is comprised of twenty elements. Jed wrote this to help both men and women better understand maleness, and it is the foundation of his upcoming book, 12 Rules for Good Men.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • (2:30) Why is there so much focus on men these days?
  • (4:16) The three questions we need to answer before we die.
  • (10:00) Where did maleness begin?
  • (13:17) Appreciate the biological basis of males and females.
  • (16:15) Does size matter?
  • (17:53) The disposability of men.
  • (22:41) Honor our warrior spirit.
  • (26:13) Enjoy male communication style of dueling.
  • (32:46) Understand that male and female differences also manifest in politics.
  • (36:33) Accept monogamy is not natural for males and females.
  • (41:39) The most significant thing to understand regarding maleness and femaleness.
  • (46:47) Accept the world of men is bipolar.
  • (52:13) Become aware that men put women on pedestals and also pull them down.
  • (54:12) Acknowledge the truth that males learn to be men in men’s groups.
  • (56:15) How to get a full copy of the Good Men Manifesto

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“Although being male is built into our billion-year evolutionary history, we learn to be men in men’s groups.” ~ Jed Diamond

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Episode 145 - The Good Men Manifesto
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