Real Men Feel: Ep. 137, The Price of Heartbreak

April 10, 2019

The Price of Heartbreak Episode 137, April 10, 2019

Author, Rick Sharpe, joins us to discuss his experience with depression following the end of a relationship and discovering the power in his own vulnerability. Note: Rick joined us from Dubai and the video froze a few times, but the audio is solid.

“I was the posterchild for avoiding vulnerability. I avoided it at all costs.” ~Rick Sharpe

Rick’s book and this conversation focuses on discovering the power in vulnerability as well as learning the difference between reacting and responding.

Topics and Questions Include:

  • What has you living in Dubai?
  • What prompted your book, The Price of Heartbreak?
  • Was this your first breakup?
  • What was your healing process like?
  • Discovering Brené Brown.
  • Where did you learn it was wrong to be vulnerable?
  • What was the goal of the book?
  • What’s the best thing that has happened from writing, The Price of Heartbreak?
  • Were you afraid to know yourself?
  • What stands out as a key to your growth and healing?
  • Some men respond to heartbreak by giving up on relationships entirely, is that something you considered?

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“I had to learn to love how I am. That was a huge leap of faith.” ~ Rick Sharpe

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Real Men Feel: Rick Sharpe

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