Real Men Feel: Ep. 131, Exploring the Land of Monsters and Dreams

February 26, 2019

Exploring the Land of Monsters and Dreams Episode 131, February 26, 2019

This week, Andy Grant is joined by author, podcaster, and student of the esoteric and metaphysical, Ronny LeBlanc, to discuss the power of dreams; the aspiration, inspiration, and communication we all receive. The results are a wide-ranging interview that touches on everything from Johnny Appleseed to suicide.

“I was always curious about mysteries and unexplained events. I always felt there was something more to this place than what we see.” ~Rony LeBlanc

Andy and Ronny both grew up in Leominster, Massachusetts, but did not know each other. Leominster has an area called Monsterland, which became the title of Ronny’s book and podcast.

As the conversation unfolds, Andy and Ronny discovered many commonalities and syncronicites between the two of them and their shared interest and experiences with unexplained mysteries such as Bigfoot, UFOs, and spirituality.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Monsterland of Leominster, Ma
  • What first got you interested in the unexplainable?
  • The paranormal and growing up in a Christian home
  • Any strange experiences of your own?
  • What prompted your book, Monsterland?
  • Have you heard stories you couldn’t believe?
  • Interdimensional beings
  • Ever been picked on or ridiculed about these topics?
  • How did the Monsterland podcast get started?
  • New TV show coming in April; In Search of Monsters
  • Growing up in Leominster: Johnny Appleseed and Plastics
  • What is interesting to you about dreams?
  • Is death the end of us?
  • Do you like being the researcher or do you want to have the unexplained experiences you study?
  • Andy shares his experience with ayahuasca
  • Negativity, suicidal thoughts, and growth
  • Life synchronicities, support, and purpose
  • Andy’s recent visit to The Holy Land
  • What are some of your aspirational dreams for Monsterland?

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“People are willing to talk about things now that used to be taboo.” ~ Ronny LeBlanc

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