Real Men Feel: Ep. 124, Buddy Your Buddy

December 11, 2018

Buddy Your Buddy Episode 124, December 11, 2018

Seeking Human KindnessThis week Andy Grant is joined by coach, mentor, speaker, and U.S Marine Veteran, Buddy Carchide, to talk about how he’s encouraging people to “Buddy Up” to better deal with pain, mental health, and the struggles of life.

“We are all one people. We are all buddies in this world.” ~ Buddy Carchide

Buddy is a self-described, “Simple guy, fighting the good fight and enjoying the grind of everyday life. Helping people through affirmation, enthusiasm, motivation, and support.”

Serving overseas made Buddy realize how the other half of the world lived and made him grateful for all we have in the US, but also lead to problems with anxiety, depression, and PTSD once he was back home. Buddy shares his story and how he’s now working to spread more love and kindness in the world.

Topics Covered Include:

    • What does Buddy Your Buddy mean?
    • Have you always been everybody’s buddy?
    • Was there one experience that brought this shift?
    • Is there one encompassing message in what you do?
    • Replacing “Pay it Forward” with “Buddying Up.”
    • The boomerang theory.
    • Buddy’s post-service mental health challenges.
    • Being a “tough guy” AND asking for help.
    • Buddy’s three favorite tools for dealing with stress and anxiety.
    • Discerning which thoughts serve you and which ones don’t.
    • I appreciate you.
    • Where do you want to see this buddy your buddy movement go?

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“I went from feeling like a superhero to a super zero.” ~Buddy Carchide

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Real Men Feel with Buddy Carchide


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