Real Men Feel: Ep. 92, Is Life Simple or Hard?

May 1, 2018

Is Life Simple or Hard? Episode 92, May 1, 2018

This week Andy Grant and Appio Hunter engage in a lively discussion with Jan Darwin Hutchins, the founder of The Men School, on whether life is simple or hard, and what can be done to make the hard parts easier. Jan was on the show back in February talking about The Men School and divine masculinity. During that show, he stated something that didn’t sit well with Andy.

“The problem with life is there is no end to the problems.” ~Jan Darwin Hutchins

Jan was invited back to dig deeper into that idea because Andy saw it as a fatalistic and depressing worldview. The result was an upbeat, philosophical conversation with lots of practical advice. Life isn’t this or that; it is everything. Life is the grey area; the journey, not the destination.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Is life simple?
  • Is life hard?
  • Is it both?
  • Offsetting the suffering
  • Black and white thinking
  • Expectations and stories
  • Truth and authenticity
  • A very high-level spin on Buddhism
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Power of breath
  • Why Andy stopped trying to die
  • The constant state of change
  • Doing what you can do, want to do, and should do
  • What is one tip for a man struggling with life’s challenges?

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We live in a world of problems. How we deal with them is the key to how we feel about our lives.

Most of what we believe is not true. They are shared beliefs, or stories, serving as group distractions. They can keep us stuck or empower us.

“Joy by itself isn’t very much fun. There needs to be a Point B to add juice to life. Joy and happiness are a fortunate happening during a day or a life.” – Jan Darwin Hutchins

All three men give tips for men in the depths of life feeling like shit.

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