Real Men Feel: Ep. 81, Guys Talking Guns

February 18, 2018

Guys Talking Guns Episode 81, February 18, 2018

With yet another tragic school shooting in the United States, some regular guys get together to discuss, to feel and to learn. Hopefully.

For this impromptu episode, Andy Grant is joined by regular guy and gun owner, Kenny Earl, to discuss gun control, mass shootings, mental health and all the horrible topics of the day.

See Andy’s post that prompted this episode – This Man Should Never Own a Gun

“We don’t need to be a country that makes it so easy to kill people.” ~Andy Grant

Topics Covered Include:

  • Is gun violence a mental health issue or a gun issue?
  • What does the 2nd Amendment say?
  • The strength of those high school students in Parkland, FL.
  • Can anything be solved via social media?
  • What is to blame?
  • What is the root cause?
  • Is it society?
  • Is it the younger generation?
  • Possible solutions.
  • More Good Guys with guns.
  • Armed veterans at every school.
  • What can and can’t be legislated.

The United States has had 90 mass shooters between 1966 and 2012. What is the magic number that will be enough for you to take action?

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Guns ARE the reason that so many innocent people die in these mass shootings. Guns are not the reason the killing happens. Guns are not the cause of violence, but they are the reason the fatalities are so high.

If guns were harder to get, more people would be alive due to fewer accidental shootings, suicides, and mass shootings.

Don’t agree? Come on the show and lets talk.

Please, engage someone in an actual conversation. Don’t only spread memes around the Internet.

Ask someone else what they think can be done to prevent more mass shootings in our schools. Then listen to their answer.

What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings?


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