Real Men Feel: Ep. 74, Endings and Beginnings

January 4, 2018

Endings and Beginnings with Pete Cossaboon Episode 74, January 3, 2018

This week Andy Grant and Appio Hunter say goodbye to 2017 and welcomes in a new year with returning guest, The Angel Encourager – Pete Cossaboon. Pete is an angelic healer and motivator, and you’ll get an experience of that in this show.

Most people see their life as a series of beginnings and endings, starting over, making resolutions of things to stop or change. What is there was another way, a different perspective?

Pete brings additional guests as three Archangels (Haniel, Azrael, and Chamuel) come through and lead a potent meditation to kick off this episode.

Haniel reminds us about ebb and flow. There are no endings and beginnings – it is all flow.
Azrael gets a bad rap as the “death angel.” He helps with grief, sorrow, and letting go. People try to hang on to the known even if they don’t like it. The new is scary.
Chamuel is the angel of lost and found. Many people feel something is lost with endings. We are all connected, there is nothing to lose.

The angels are our helpers. They have no judgment.

The discussion also touches on the negative slant to resolutions, letting go with gratitude, the power of rituals and a reminder that joy is our natural state.

We are already victorious, just being born. ~Pete Cossaboon

Make A Happiness Jar

One of Andy’s favorite rituals or New Years or anytime:

  1. On New Year’s Day (or anytime in the first few days of the year), take out a piece of paper and write a list of everything that you want to let go of from 2017. These can include habits, behaviors, limiting beliefs, fears, physical conditions, feelings of resentment, conflicts, or thoughts that don’t serve you.
  2. Then thank all those items on that list for having been with you and for all the lessons learned and ways you grew from them.
  3. Next make a clear statement of letting go such as: I now let go of all these things and anything else that no longer serves me and my highest good as I step into a glorious 2018.
  4. Then gather around a fire in a fireplace and throw the paper in to be burned. If you don’t have a fireplace or outside fire pit, you can CAREFULLY burn it in a large stainless steel bowl.
  5. Then speak out loud everything you’re grateful for from the past year — the joys, celebrations, accomplishments, lessons learned, and “growth” experiences. Offer those into the fire to be amplified.
  6. And now it’s time to call in what you’d like to bring forward in 2018 — so speak out loud everything that you welcome into your vision of the New Year—the intentions, beliefs, behaviors, relationships and everything else that you will embrace. Offer those into the fire to ignite the new.


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