Real Men Feel: Episode 56, Living LAF – Love, Appreciation and Forgiveness for ourselves and others, with James John

April 19, 2017

Real Men Feel Show

How to Live with LAF – Love, Appreciation and Forgiveness for Ourselves and Others, with James John, Episode 56, April 18, 2017

This week on Real Men Feel, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter are joined by the co-founder of Love, Appreciate, Forgive (LAF), James John, to talk about filling our daily existence with more love and joy. James stresses there is only one thing to learn; self-love. He also shares some tips on the path to reaching it.

The LAF lifestyle is about living and vibrating the words of Love, Appreciation & Forgiveness into your daily life. It is about opening up to a life of inner peace and surrendering to everything in the present moment. It is about loving yourself and all things.

“Recognize you are already a miracle.” ~James John

There is some deep exploration of ego, energy, and forgiveness. Also what to do when negativity or bad thoughts come into your head, questions from the live audience, and discussion on the difference between judgement and discernment.

“Judgement is insulting God that things aren’t right.” ~James John

A very interesting show on energy, vibration, and loving it all.


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