Real Men Feel: Ep. 40, The Modern Mystery School with Jordan Bain

December 20, 2016

Real Men Feel show

The Modern Mystery School with Jordan Bain, Episode 40, December 20, 2016

On this episode of Real Men Feel, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter are joined by ritual master, guide and healer, Jordan Bain, who delves into how The Modern Mystery School can serve both men and women in knowing ourselves better. Jordan shares the background of The Modern Mystery School lineage which goes back 3,000 years to the time of King Salomon and is the result of 30 years of efforts bringing together healers and teachers from around world.

The show touches on enlightenment, the split between science and spirituality, Jordan’s path of discovery, the calling for feminine creation and leadership, as well as Kabbalah.

Andy said one of the coolest things he’s done in 2016, was get initiated into The Modern Mystery School.

See Andy’s before and after Life Activation videos, as well as his video following Initiation.

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