Real Men Feel: Ep. 25, That Guy Who Loves The Universe, Sean Patrick

August 30, 2016

Real Men Feel with Sean Patrick

That Guy Who Loves The Universe, with guest Sean Patrick, Episode 25, August 30, 2016
Hi, I’m a man and I feel.
On this episode of Real Men Feel, Andy Grant and Appio Hunter, are once again joined by Sean Patrick, That Guy Who Loves The Universe. While Appio suffers technical difficulties, Sean shares a bit of his path to loving the Universe and tips on how it is possible for anyone. Andy and Sean discuss  their experiences with depression, spirituality, and positive psychology – even if it is too “California” for some people. #RealMenFeel

You can connect with Sean at
Check out Sean’s book, That Guy Who Loves The Universe: A Modern Tale of Setbacks, Second Chances and Spiritual Enlightenment

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