Real Men Feel: Ep. 20, Channeling Messages of Enlightened Masculinity with Appio Hunter

July 19, 2016

Channeling Messages of Enlightened Masculinity with Appio Hunter, Episode 20, July 19, 2016

Andy and Appio dive into Appio’s channeling of a collective energy known as Samuel. A fascinating program that includes Samuel answering questions about coincidences, the current state of the world and much more.

The program culminates in five Principles of Joy:

  1. You are not responsible for anyone else’s “good feelings” but your own.
  2. Your human experience is your ultimate expression of personal joy.
  3. The expression of joy is as natural as breathing.
  4. Every emotion you feel is an aspect of Joy.
  5. When you are Joyous, the Universe celebrates with you.

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